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Expert Brick Fence Construction 

Bricklayer Pros have been constructing brick fences in Melbourne for decades. We are the experts in brick fencing and produce superior exterior brickwork to complement your home, garden, office our large construction project. Using the highest quality brick and block we produce custom brick fences and letterboxes for all tastes, and can assist in the design and planning of your next project.

All Types of Brick Fencing Services

We understand that fencing is one of the most important elements in the presentation of your house. It’s a statement to the world and should complement the style of your house. If you’re looking to build a brick fence to maximise privacy and security look no further than the team at Bricklayer Pros. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Solid and double brick
  • Concrete and cement Block
  • Brick and steel combination
  • Brick and render combination
  • Brick and wrought iron
  • Brick and timber fencing
  • Brick and aluminium
  • Organise plans and council permits
  • Brick fence capping
  • Brick Letterboxes
  • Brick pillar and render combinations

brick fences
brick fence and wall combination


Brick fencing styles and designs

Many of today’s fences are designed around 2 styles: open and closed. Open brick fencing is designed to show off the yard or house and to add an extra layer of depth to the property from the street. It generally involves the use of spaced brick pillars with iron or timber fencing in between and are generally lower in height to invite passers-by to view into the property. Closed brick fencing is basically a solid wall structure with none or little gaps, designed to maximise privacy and security, and are generally built high to prevent any view from the street. Whatever your preferred style or taste, Bricklayer Pros custom brick walls and fencing are the right professionals for your needs.


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Professional Block Fences 

In addition to our brick fencing service we also construct concrete and cement block fences, typically used in larger scale projects where a render finish is preferred. Our team are experts at designing, planning and installing block and render fences. From a combination block and gate fence through to a solid block wall with render and capping we can build your custom fence on your time and budget every time. Depending on size, many walls and fences can be completed within a few days ready to render the block and complete the finishing touches.

block fencing
brick pillar fence

Brick Fencing for Privacy and Security

We understand that it’s important to feel safe in your home and the most secure, long lasting, and aesthetically pleasing way is with brick fencing. It’s also a great way to enhance a properties value and it provides a fantastic backdrop for your garden.  Apart from being an important structure to emphasize a properties boundary, brick fences enable the owner to add their own personal flair and creativity. With thousands of brick colours and designs to choose from its easy to create a fence that matches perfectly with your home. There are many fence design ideas for front yards and we specialise in all types of different arquitectoral eras and styles. Brick fences for art deco, Edwardian or federation styles, masonry pier and panel, to solid masonry and stone, our team can bring your ideas to life. Contact us today to organise your no obligation free quote.

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