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Chimney Repair

Bricklayer Pros provide chimney repairs and fireplace repair services for all brick and block fireplaces. The open fireplace is the centrepiece of any large living space and Bricklayer Pros are the professionals when it comes to fireplace and chimney building and restoration services. Our fireplace renovation, building and construction professionals are experts when it comes to creating a magnificent centrepiece for your home or business. Fireplaces are prevalent in many residential and commercial properties. From the luxury of your lounge room, to a bar, restaurant, or outdoor entertainment area, a fireplace always adds a special feel. It’s a place to relax, socialise and stay warm and always brings people together. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, its important for the fireplace to be the correct size for the space it occupies, and built with the correct materials to maximise its thermal properties.

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Professional Chimney Construction

In addition to building your statement fireplace, its necessary to match it with a chimney system that works safely and efficiently. Its important for the chimney to be free of obstructions, and provide maximum air flow and ventilation to allow toxic gases and smoke to escape. Chimneys are prevalent in boilers, stoves, furnaces, and fireplaces and are their size and shape depends on their application. Many residential homes and businesses use a square or rectangular shape, and can have a decorative shape and design for the mantelpiece and up on the roof. Commercial chimneys such as those used in furnaces and power stations adopt a cone shape, with a large base and smaller at the top, and can tower hundreds of metres into the sky. Its important to understand that to build, maintain and repair residential and commercial chimneys its necessary to use professionals. Building a fireplace and chimney requires expert understanding of air flow, flue and thermal dynamics, and for this reason we recommend you hire the services of a company such as Bricklayer Pros. We have years of experience in chimney construction, restoration and repairs.

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Fireplace Repair and Restoration

We also offer fireplace and chimney repairs and remodelling. It is not uncommon that due to the high temperatures that fireplaces operate, over time repairs may be in order. If repairs are not undertaken, it can lead to reduced heat efficiency, brick and mortar damage, and in some rare instances, chimney collapses. If you suspect any of this to be occurring it is imperative to seek help from a professional fireplace and chimney service to undertake the necessary repairs.  In some circumstances, it may be more economical for the fireplace to be demolished and rebuilt from scratch. At Bricklayer Pros we build, repair and restore all types of brick, stone or other fireplace installations, and we take pride in professional fireplace construction both for industrial and residential properties. We offer expert advice and support at an affordable price and provide no obligation free quotes to everyone.

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