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Glass Brick Installation

At Bricklayer Pros we install all kinds of glass bricks and blocks regardless of the size of the job. Glass bricks or blocks can be used in different kinds of applications like front entrances, domestic houses, partitions, restrooms, bedrooms, entertainment rooms, outdoor gardens and office locations. Nearly any application you could think about where you require light, without compromising privacy, a glass brick feature wall is a fantastic choice. Bricklayer Pros installs glass blocks using silicone or mortar as the bonding agent to suit your taste and budget. If you wish to make a statement or simply searching for a practical and affordable alternative to home, office, or commercial design, glass bricks are the obvious solution.


glass brick wall
glass block wall

For bathroom ideas, shower screens and windows in all shapes, sizes, curved or flat, we can help to create your next feature. Glass bricks, or glass blocks as they're otherwise referred, are getting more and more popular, and with a huge range of sizes, styles and colours, you can now create a unique and attractive piece that is also functional. In comparison to traditional bricks, glass bricks can turn a plain view of your neighbour’s wall into an attractive window feature. From the home to the conference room, glass bricks could replace home windows, wall surfaces, partitions, skylights, as well as the splashback behind your cooking area sink. They are also becoming more popular in stairways and low-lit areas, as the natural light passing through the glass brick illuminates and refracts the light creating dazzling patterns.

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Glass Blocks Quality & benefits

- Thermal & acoustic insulation
- Provides personal privacy
- Fire-rated for border walls
- Easily installed & maintained
- Substantial range of patterns & colours
- Different kind of feature wall surface & dividing wall surface

There are many DIY kits out there, however in order to create your masterpiece its important to do the job right first time. Professionals ensure that all proper safety measures are taken when installing, as well as avoiding glass bricks to chip or crack as they are forced to take the stress. At Bricklayer Pros we can ensure your glass bricks are mounted appropriately so you could take pleasure in the elegance of your new feature for longer. Call us today to discuss your project and organise a free quote.

coloured glass blocks window