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Bricklay Pros provide Helifix crack stitching and mortar repair for cracked walls, brick, and stone work. Helifix crack stitching system is highly effective where large cracks occur along the wall surface, especially where the masonry has become detached, effectively compromising the walls structural strength and integrity. There are many reasons why this may occur: building age, vibration, shifting foundations, tree roots, weather damage etc. Repairs of this scale require more than your average brick and mortar repair, and Helifix utilises metal rods and ties that fit in the mortar between the bricks, much like steel in a concrete slab, to provide additional strength to the repair area. Specific strategies and techniques are required to permanently repair and strengthen the masonry to avoid expensive rebuilding, especially with heritage buildings that if not done correctly can become expensive and time consuming. For a better understanding of how the Helifix technique works, watch the accompanying video.

Thankfully Helifix is a widely used and trusted brick and mortar restoration technique and can be implemented in many types of structures such as houses, chimneys, churches, and bridges. It is one of the most cost effective ways to repair and restore any suspect or deteriorated clay brick, cement brick or block, or any other combination where cracks have occurred. It provides strength and durability above a standard mortar base and can be used in new buildings, to enhance mortar stabilisation and lasting connections.

The brickwork is reinforced with helical bars, up to 500mm in length, and can be applied horizontally, vertically, and even around corners. Once the bars are inserted, a mortar and grout finish is applied  to secure the bars in place and add extra strength and durability. It can be easily applied to older restoration projects where large cracks have occurred, and is more cost effective repair than complete renovation. At Bricklayer Pros we can best advise on when and how to incorporate it in your next repair or restoration project. Call us today for a quote.