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Repointing Brick

Repointing brick is a repair commonly used when structural or water damage has occurred. The bricks and mortar joints are breaking down or fretting and the integrity of the brickwork structure requires restoration. It involves a process of grinding and chiselling out the mortar, cleaning out the joint, mixing and applying the new mortar. This can be down by a hawk and trowel or with a mortar gun. At Bricklayer Pros we are at experts at repointing brick, and repair brick and mortar finishes for all historic brick, garden walls, steps, chimney, fireplace, limestone walls, patios, rock and stone, interior and exterior surfaces. We guarantee quality workmanship and an excellent finish.

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 Brick Repairs for Domestic & Commercial Properties

If your looking for quality brickwork repairs then use Bricklayer Pros. Cracks in the bricks and mortar can occur for a variety of reasons. Shifting foundations, excessive noise and vibration, heat, damp, water damage are some of the most common causes. In some older heritage buildings, the quality of the bricks and mortar from yesteryear, in combination with pressure and time, all contribute to brick wall deterioration. Cracks appearing indicate that a repair job is in order and its imperative to use the services of a reputable brick restoration company such as Bricklayer Pros immediately, as the strength and durability of the brick area has been compromised. If untreated the cracks will become larger and the brick wall or fence may collapse entirely, leading to lengthy and costly repairs. Thankfully our team are experts in their trade and have the right tools and experience for all your bricks and mortar requirements.

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Brickwork Repairs and Restoration Service

At Bricklayer Pros we provide brickwork repairs and restoration to all residential and commercial properties. From a brick wall or fence repair through to more sophisticated building stabilisation and advanced masonry projects, we provide a full repair and restoration service where any brick, block or stone has been utilised. No job is too big or too small and we have extensive experience with all types of buildings, from heritage brickwork to modern arquitectural structures. Don’t entrust your brick repair and masonry restoration job to anyone, contact Bricklayer Pros for an expert, professional, repair and restoration service

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