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Tuckpointing has been around for over a century and is designed to hide unevenly shaped brick. It is a technique used to make the brickwork look more appealing, and is especially popular when selling your home, as it can add thousands to the value of your property. The technique involves covering cleaning out damaged brick and mortar, covering it with a darker coloured stain, then a thin white line goes over the mortar. The brickwork becomes colour contrasted and provides a highly decorative and appealing finish. It can be applied to new or older homes and buildings.

tuck pointing brick
tuck pointing a wall

Tuckpointing is a labour intensive job, and depending on the size of the task, can take weeks to complete. It involves the use of specialised tools, and care must be taken not to damage the existing brickwork. Done properly, tuckpointing gives the artificial impression that fine joints have been made. It also provides a strong waterproof mortar joint matching the original appearance of the mortar joints. Tuckpointing helps extend the life of the building, provides waterproof protection to building’s interior, and a superior finish will be obtained. Tuckpointing is becoming more popular and many restoration projects such as those at Werribee mansion, suburban railway stations, and historic homes with Italian Architecture have employed the use of tuckpointing to bring older landmarks back to their former glory. At Bricklay Pros we have extensive knowledge and experience in tuckpointing applications for all residential, commercial and historical restoration projects. Call us today for a free quote